To make a counseling appointment you can call or email us, see below.  


Please include the following information in your email or call:


  •  Your phone number
  •  Indicate whether you are looking for counseling, psychiatric services, or both
  •  Why you are seeking counseling/psychiatric support
  •  With which clinician you would like to work
  •  If you plan to use insurance (if you do, please include the name of your insurance and prefix code in your email) or pay out of pocket
    • Note, if you plan to use insurance, we will need a copy of your card 
  •  How you were referred to us (Google search, Insurance Panel, Yelp, Gottman website, friend, other clinician, etc.)


2719 E Madison St · Seattle, WA  · Suite 300

Seattle, WA 98112


Main Line: (206) 669-4336 

Fax: 206.569.0010

New Patient Valant Portal Login (you must have an access code):  Click HERE


Hours and fees vary by clinician, ranging from 8AM-7PM Monday through Friday and limited weekend hours. Please note most weekend and evening appointments have less availability.


We look forward to working with you!


Note: If you need help understanding the difference between psychiatric services and counseling/therapy services, please feel free to contact us for help discerning which services to request.